Bring To Light: Australian Influencer 'Confessions of A G Cup' tells us how she has built a positive relationship with her larger breasts


For our journal series Bring to Light, we talk to Australian Influencer 'Confessions of A G Cup'. Georgia is the founder of Confessions of a G Cup and creator of body positivity event Big Boobie Bash. She uses her platforms to promote confidence and offer styling ideas for women. As well as being a mentor for bigger busted women around the world, allowing them to accept and adore their bust, she enjoys cocktails with her girlfriends, exploring beaches and adores her miniature schnauzer!

Exclusively for Phaein, Georgia models the Balconette 0.2 in Light Pink with contrast blue hem. Here she talks openly and intimately about her experiences having larger breasts when growing up and how she has overcome her early setbacks to create a soulful relationship towards her body, with her favourite part being her G+ boobs!  




I have been asked what struggles I have experienced with having a larger cup size. If you asked me this question 10 years ago, I would have said, how much time do you have for me to tell you the list. Now, however, when presented with "struggles", I see them more as an opportunity. They are an opportunity to self-develop, be open and provide education to someone around those "struggles" and how they can affect someone's self-worth and confidence.

Growing up, I was the first of my friends to develop breasts. At 10 years of age, I was wearing crop tops, much before my friends. At 12 years of age, I was taken bra shopping by my mother, and the result…I cried (I feel like my story is not too dissimilar to a lot of other women's stories). Everything available to me was beige or white. There was nothing my age, nothing fun, and everything looked like what my grandma would wear. It's an experience I never want for my niece, friends' daughters or even anyone I don't know.

For those of you who can relate, growing breasts and maturing into a young woman is already an experience in itself. But also having larger than "average" breasts being a young woman can affect your confidence. I was walking around with my posture slouched; I wore boys clothing or baggy clothing to hide my chest; I was what you'd consider a tomboy. It wasn't until I was around 14 I found a bright blue laced bra, and you better believe that I wanted to wear it everywhere. It didn't fit me at all, but it fit enough, and it made me feel great; however, it was the only fun bright coloured bra I could find that would "fit" me.

Being an active person, exercising became painful. The sports bra's that were available to me weren't providing me with the right support. The shops that my friends bought their sports bra's from didn't stock my size. I had to go to a store that specifically stocked my size. I couldn't go on fun shopping trips with my friends to try on bra's, those trips were embarrassing and confidence destroying. It wasn't until I was around 23 that I started embracing my bust, so I made a change and started exploring where I could purchase lingerie that was designed for my bust. In doing this, I was fitted properly, and my size was a 30G, not like the 32E I was wearing. I didn't even know lingerie went to that size, let alone beyond! In saying that, I persisted with those "struggles" (or should I say opportunities) and found a store that was like heaven for a woman with a bigger bust.

Once I was sized correctly, I found that there were different styles of lingerie; there was no looking back. I became more confident in myself, clothing choices and wearing swimwear. I grew confident in my body and specifically in my bust. I started to build a relationship with my breasts by journaling, self-massage and positive self-affirmations. My friends often say to me that they love me as much as I love my boobs.

Unfortunately, my body type wasn't represented in movies, media or campaigns, and it was a struggle for me to relate to the women who were represented. I decided to create Confessions of a GCup, a safe space where women can come together to explore the options available for a fuller bust. It has allowed me to not only form a better relationship with myself but with other women. It has allowed me to work with incredible companies, such as Phaein, to showcase the gorgeous lingerie available to women with a larger bust.



Phaein has created an incredible range of lingerie specific for a bigger busted woman. Just like me, Phaein are tired of uncomfortable underwear with digging-in elastics and rough trims, so they decided to create a range of lingerie themselves, and thank god they did! With a goal to empower women to understand what will work for their body shape, rather than have a one-style fits all approach, they have created an incredible range of lingerie specific for a bigger bust.

It makes me so ridiculously proud to be a woman, especially one with a larger bust and one who can help women all over the world feel comfortable with what they've been gifted. In the words of one of my favourite poets, Rupi Kaur: "We are all born, so beautiful, the greatest tragedy is, being convinced we are not."



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