What are you looking forward to receiving from Santa this year? A little bit of naughty? Or a little bit of nice? Or why not combine the two?

When Phaein was created three years ago, our founders, Hannah and Gesche, were committed to creating beautiful, luxurious lingerie which empowered all women, whatever their size and shape.

But they wanted to go one step further than that – they were on a mission to create a completely sustainable brand, where every step of Phaein’s production process was carefully managed to minimise its environmental and social impact. Which is why we have always used recyclable packaging and branding, sourced high-performance, high-quality fabrics to ensure longevity of garments, and even applied bio-degradable strings and seals for our hang tags. (Discover more about our sustainability commitment here).



This Christmas, we’re taking another BIG step towards becoming a more circular brand with the launch of three brand new initiatives, beginning with our first lingerie set made from recycled lace. This stunning, crimson, limited-edition set is crafted from 100% pre-consumer recycled yarn, massively reducing resource consumption and environmental impact (using 56% less electricity, 90% less waste product, 60% less water and 63% less emissions). And it has the stamp of approval from STeP, the independent certification for socially responsible textile companies.



This remarkable piece of innovation and craftmanship seamlessly wraps together naughty and nice to create the perfect sweet spot between glamorous desire and ultimate comfort. And we’re excited that it’s already being celebrated by some of the UK’s leading beauty experts, models and bloggers from Liz Earle MBE to Eleanor Barkes, Bianca Foley and Rachel Peru.

Beauty blogger, Eleanor Barkes, told us, “I just feel so beautiful while wearing it and love that the delicate lace-work enhances my shape while being completely comfortable…Beauty and style don't have to come at a cost to the environment and this collection proves it.”



But our pledge to the environment doesn’t stop there. To further reduce Phaein’s impact on people and planet, the launch of this striking set takes place alongside Phaein’s new recycling scheme and lifetime guarantee. Our commitment to sustainability means we want to see our garments worn for as long as possible so we’re offering repairs on any products to prolong their wear. And we’re introducing a recycling scheme to ensure our products, especially knickers which can’t be donated to charity, don’t end up in landfill but are recycled and repurposed for alternative use.

Sustainability blogger, Bianca Foley, told us, “Having the opportunity to recycle underwear and even mend them to prolong their lifecycle means less underwear garments will end up in landfill which is something I really believe in!”

For Phaein, though, sustainability is not just about respecting the world around us. In fact, it starts somewhere else – with the people we work side by side with and who help create our beautiful collections. That’s why, from day one, we committed to producing all of our products in the UK. It means we can ensure fair treatment of everyone we work with and safe working conditions whilst minimising our carbon footprint.


So, with less than 6 weeks till Christmas, why not make this year’s wish list a sustainable one by treating yourself or a loved one to stylish, eco-conscious lingerie? Because there’s nothing more beautiful than a gift which makes you look good, feel good and does good too!

The Limited Edition collection is made up of the Balconette 0.1 in Crimson and the HWC in Crimson. Click to shop the look.