How it all started

Phaein is a small independent, lingerie brand from, and made in, London. Founded in 2018, Phaein creates comfortable, sustainable lingerie in modern designs. Drawing from their German and Swedish roots, founders Gesche and Hannah set out to create ruffle-free lingerie made of high-performance, luxurious fabrics. They leveraged their knowledge in fashion and design to improve on what was unavailable in the lingerie market: E+ cup sizes available in 28-34 bands, that are attractive, light and supportive, and gentle on sensitive skin.

With F+ cups sizes and experiencing sensitive skin and back issues themselves, Hannah and Gesche gained valuable insight into what feeling comfortable and supported really means, and how this can be very different for each person. This is where their belief ‘underwear should feel like a second skin’ originates from.

Beyond their love for minimalism and aesthetics the founders want Phaein to promote well-being and generate a positive movement towards greater self-love and -care. Showing women’s diversity – across ages, ethnicities, and body types has always been essential to them, as they believe beauty comes from beyond our bodies.

Phaein had to be as eco-conscious as the founders themselves. Recycling, limiting waste, adopting a more sustainable approach to manufacturing in the form of small productions, and working with a zero-waste factory right here in London are only a few of the steps they’ve taken to lessen their impact on the environment. They are working on developing full transparency in their supply chain and have plans to introduce eco-fabrics that don’t sacrifice on performance.

Phaein is made up of a passionate, small team who are proud to create underwear that is sustainable, ethical, luxurious and comfortable enough for everyday wear. It'll soon become a staple in your wardrobe!


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