Interviews for IWD & Mother's Day

This month, in honour of International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, we featured some interviews with women we have worked with and customers on our Instagram stories. If you missed it, you can now read some of the highlights here:


Tell us a bit about yourselves!

I am a 41 year old engineer who live with my husband and our two children. When I am not working, I like to be in our garden or out on adventures with my family. Doing fun things with my children inside like playing games or baking in our kitchen. I am also very fond of trying out new food. – Customer H.K

I’m 33, working as an Interior designer in London. I live with my fiancé and our son, in our newly purchased house, which I am so excited to do some fun work on. When I’m not working, I spend time with my family and during lockdown our new thing has been weekend family bike rides. I am constantly on the go, so you will find a coffee in my hand at most times, and to find some calmness and me time, I turn to yoga, something I have really found helped me through the years. – Customer A.S

I'm 26, turning 27 in April! I'm the Concierge Manager at a health club called Third Space in Canary Wharf. I've been there for just over 2 years and I'm obsessed with fitness and overall wellbeing. I've found a new love for running and yoga during this lockdown which has been fun! I'd say a special talent that I have is singing... I trained in musical theatre and am currently in a band with two of my best friends! - Hope

I'm 26 years old, currently living at home with my parents. I'm not a pet owner but I do borrow a beautiful Dalmatian called Indy. For work, pre covid I work at my church and model. Since the pandemic I have found a temporary job as a key worker in a supermarket, and I really enjoy it! – Miriam

I’m 47 and work as a presenter and a model. However, due to Covidtimes, I’ve also added midlife influencer to my list, hoping to promote positive ageing and midlife fun, so you’ll often find me hanging out on Instagram having a chat.
I am married with a blended family with my 16 year old daughter Grace and my 13 year old stepdaughter Frankie. We also have Gloria who is just the most gorgeous Labrador and my little shadow. 
I am very passionate about positive ageing. We live in a society that values youth and ageing is something to dread and then endure. No one seems to share or focus on the positive and wonderful things that come with age and ageing female role models in the media are few. So, this is something that I’d like to help to change the narrative on.
My special talents include dishwasher stacking, tap dancing and rapping in Italian! - Katie


Did becoming a mum change your perspective of being a woman and how?

Yes, it definitely has, it has changed how I think about my body, it isn’t so much about the exterior anymore. I have a deeper appreciation of what my body can do, like breast feeding and giving birth. Having my son also made my senses change, I feel more primal. - A.S

I think that when you become a mom, everything changes, even if you think that it won’t change your life. It will and it does. I think it heightens how you feel about being a woman because it is the one area where men and women simply cannot be equal. You question and challenge sexist stereotypes and at times you try not to reinforce them. You look at the world differently and try to create one that you want your daughter to grow up in safely or your son to be a considerate human. - Katie

Yes, I am more focused and effective at work since I want to be able to spend as much time as I can with my children. Plus, I have become tougher as a person, I find it easier to say no to things as well as not being afraid to correct anyone within my profession, which is very male dominated. - H.K


What have you found most challenging about being a mother?

The sheer range of emotions they cause and the unknown - children don’t come with a manual or training course. Also, to try and let them be an individual and not a mini me clone. You want them to learn from all your years of experience and not make the same mistakes, but they have to be them and make their own way, choices and mistakes and sometimes that’s hard to let them do! - Katie

It’s impossible to prepare for how much of your time disappears when you become a mother, and I do find it hard with how little time have for myself, to do things I might have done before. On top of this, having my own business, makes this even harder, as most of my time goes to either my family or work. I know I need to find a balance and try to carve out some time for myself, but it is hard. Doing yoga helps me, but it’s not necessarily about having the time for exercise, but being able to meet my friends, have a lazy Sunday, or just do spontaneous things, everything needs to be very planned now. - A.S

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What do you find the most important when shopping for underwear?

The two most important things I look for when shopping for underwear is support and style. I had a bigger bust from quite a young age and over the years I could never find underwear that both supported me properly, and still looked sexy. Phaein are living proof that bigger cup bras don't have to be boring haha!! – Hope

Most of all I am looking for great quality, so it lasts for a long time, and of course it needs to look nice and give a good comfortable fit. Recently I am mostly drawn to wireless bras because they are so super comfy! I also like to know that the underwear I buy comes from a sustainable and ethical production chain, this is always an important point for my choice of brand whether it’s about strawberries or a pair of new knickers! - A.S

What it looks like once you put some clothes over the top is probably the most important thing. Some underwear is beautiful, but it doesn’t sit well at all under clothes. I try not to buy anything ‘just for special occasions’ so I want it to work well at all times! I suppose that’s why I prefer a smoother finish to my favourite pieces. Obviously if I feel good when I put it on too, then that’s definitely an added bonus! - Katie


What’s the most empowering thing about being a woman?

There’s nothing more uplifting that women supporting women. A genuinely, supportive woman is a wonderful thing because there can be bitchiness and jealousies among us. Two of my favourite quotes are ‘her success is not your failure’ and ‘a candle is not dimmed by lighting another.’ As women it’s very important for us to remember that. Together we can do great things. - Katie

That I have had the possibility to give birth to my children. That is a really cool and empowering experience. And of course, we have way more options in the shoe stores. - H.K

The most empowering thing about being a woman for me... is our bodies. Our body, the vehicle that carries us through life are literally the most fascinating and mind-blowing thing! What women's bodies go through, starting from such a young age beginning with a period, to growing, developing, growing a baby, healing from injuries, menopause, growing/gaining muscle through training... And I don't think as a whole we are celebrated or appreciated enough for who and what we are! – Miriam

Strong friendship with other women, which is something I felt I have always had and is really important to me. I think women’s unique life experience creates friendships that are based on mutual support and shared understanding, creating a closeness which is so special and beautiful to me.  - A.S


What does sexy mean to you?

'Sexy' is so unique and specific to the individual. I think people’s personal life experiences can determine what constitutes as sexy to them. For me, it’s all about the small moments. Wearing a beautiful matching lingerie set for myself, and only me, and not for anyone else - Knowing I look and feel good in it, that is sexy. Being able to dance in a club with your gals, and dance with yourself like no one is watching, is so liberating and sexy. Being able to share yourself entirely with someone, to be your 10p% true authentic, weird, funny self and have no judgement and just love - that is sexy. – Miriam

To be sexy is to have confidence in yourself if you have that, then you look sexy in whatever you wear. - H.K

Sexy means to me to be completely aligned and in love with my mind, body and soul... No matter what size, hair colour, race people are, having self-worth and love for ourselves allows us to then love others. - Hope


What do you do to look after yourself?

I actually like to do a variety of things to look after myself. I work out 5 times a week which is a mixture of strength training, cardio and yoga. I meditate every morning and evening, and I’ve always got music or a podcast on throughout the day. Everyone can get caught up in the craziness of work, life etc- so the last year has taught me that it’s okay to slow down, stay grounded and consciously focused on making time for myself. - Hope

I love to weight train and push myself physically but most importantly mentally. Showing up for myself, because if I don’t no one else will. I love Yoga & Pilates, and most days you’ll find me out walking with Indy, getting my daily 10k steps in. - Miriam


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