Bring To Light: The Secret to Finding the Perfect Fitting Bra

Perfect fitting bra


Most women will jump at the chance to go shopping. Clothes, bags, shoes, even knickers will do it! So why do the majority of women recoil in fear at the idea of shopping for bras?


Because finding a bra that fits well, feels comfortable AND looks good can feel like an impossibility. And it all stems from a very confusing and inconsistent sizing system. In today’s blog, we break down how the traditional sizing system works and share with you Phaein’s secret to finding the perfect fitting bra…


Bra Sizing Bewilderment


Finding the perfect bra


Research has shown that a staggering 80% of women are walking around wearing the wrong sized bra, often featuring too large a band with too small a cup size. Not only does it result in an odd-looking shape, but it can lead to bad posture and serious back and shoulder pain.

So, where do we all go wrong?

If someone were to ask your cup size, you’d probably feel confident in responding with a letter somewhere between A and G. Most women believe that it’s a static unit of measurement but in reality, that letter will fluctuate depending on a bra’s band size – a problem caused by a phenomenon called ‘sister sizing’.

Let’s break it down for you…

In traditional bra sizing, you need to go UP a cup size when you go DOWN a band size. So, if you measure as a 36B but try on a bra where you require a 34 inch band, then you’ll need to go up to a ‘C’ cup. Thus, a 36B and a 34C are ‘sister sizes’ as they can fit the same bust.

It’s unnecessarily confusing and further compounded by the fact that there is so much diversity in breast shape and volume, as well as body proportions, that the system can’t possibly work for everyone.

 And just to complicate things EVEN further…

Different brands use different sizing systems depending on their country of origin. So, the sizing of bras made by a company in France will come up differently to a brand from America which will come up differently to a brand made here in the UK. And yet all those bras might be available in the shop or website you visit – thus making the sizing system completely redundant anyway.

Finding the right fitting bra just shouldn’t be THIS hard!


A Bra Sizing Revolution

Bra revolution, how to measure your bust perfectly

At Phaein, we decided enough was enough.

Our philosophy has always been to create beautiful, luxurious underwear which fits perfectly and feels like a second skin. But the sizing system was a huge stumbling block. Which is why we ripped up the rule book and introduced a new measuring system which makes choosing the perfect fitting bra simple and pleasurable for everyone.


What’s Phaein’s ‘secret’?

Perfect fitting bra

Our secret is a far more streamlined system which enables you to identify one cup size which will remain consistent across ALL bands.

If you already know your regular bra size, it’s easy to find your Phaein cup and band size using our conversion charts. Our cup sizes run from a 2 to a 10. Both a 36B and a 34C are a consistent size 5 cup using our measuring system. Once you know yours, it’s easier to be your own bra fitter from the comfort of your own home.  Bra sizing just got a whole lot simpler!

And for those of you who aren’t sure of your regular bra size, we’ve introduced a self-measuring guide which takes into account, not only the size of your breasts, but also the shape of them. So, if your breasts are high-projected or pendulous (not self-supporting), we demonstrate a different way of measuring them than if your breasts are supported or project less. In doing so, we ensure your final measurement is far more accurate and we help you gain a better understanding of what bra shape works best for you (which we’ll discuss further in a forthcoming blog).

But our revolution doesn’t end there.

We recognise that women’s shapes change for all sorts of reasons, whether it’s age, pregnancy, hormonal changes, or weight changes. That’s why our sizing system makes it super easy for you to size up or down intuitively without the confusion wreaked by the traditional system.

We created Phaein to help women find bras that make them feel comfortable, supported, and full of confidence. And that begins with knowing your true bra size. Visit our Find your size’ page to discover yours and keep your eyes peeled for our next blog where we’ll explore body shapes and help identify the best shaped bras for YOU!