‘Tis the season of love’


At Christmas, love actually is all around (and if Hugh Grant said it, it must be true!). With festive lights, roaring fires and twinkling trees, Christmas is certainly a magical, heart-warming time of year.

But for many, Christmas can also feel like the most overwhelming time of year. Perhaps because we’re not able to be with the people we want to. Perhaps because we’re trying to keep too many people happy. Or perhaps because the thought of all the gift choosing and food preparation feels like a heavy burden.

So, this Christmas, Phaein is sprinkling some of our own festive cheer with our guide to self-care and self-love. We founded Phaein to empower women to feel confident and content, both physically and mentally. And that begins with making yourself a priority…because in doing so, you’ll find ways to care for those around you and the world around you too. So, have a read through our guide and find ways to make this Christmas a magical one for you and your loved ones…



Don’t be guided by other people’s expectations this year. Consider how you can make Christmas feel less overwhelming for yourself. Perhaps by making careful choices about who you spend it with. Perhaps by sharing the cooking/gifting/caring responsibilities. Or perhaps by accepting offers of help you normally wouldn’t.

And remember how important it is to step away from the festive madness and take time out for yourself. Read a book. Take a bath. Have a nap. Whatever ‘me time’ looks to you, do it. Give yourself time to clear your head and return feeling refreshed and re-energised. And remind yourself you’re doing the very best you can – and that is always good enough.




‘A problem shared is a problem halved’ isn’t just one of those old, meaningless proverbs. Research shows it actually makes a difference. Voicing anxieties running through your head is a cathartic experience. And getting advice and a fresh point of view from someone more detached from the situation can often lead to solutions which weren’t immediately obvious to you. So, let people know if you’re struggling and recognise that you do not need to do it alone.



Too many of us spend the Christmas period beating ourselves up for how much we’ve indulged. This year, be less hard on yourself and take a more balanced approach. Relish those mince pies. Savour that glass of sweet, mulled wine.

But be kind by also doing things which will be good for your body and mind as well. Throw on a warm coat and go for a crisp, winter walk. Grab a friend and do an online Zumba class (our favourite!). Don’t put any pressure on yourself to walk a certain distance or expend a certain number of calories. Just embrace a fun, active activity and let the endorphin-release naturally improve your mood and help you relax.



As the days grow shorter and colder, a little festive cheer can be chicken soup for the soul. Whatever you’re celebrating at this time of year, some fairy lights wrapped around the stairs or tinsel wrapped around the tv, automatically brings a feeling of warmth and joy. And whether its Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé or Paul McCartney, play those Christmas songs loud and proud. Because there’s nothing more uplifting than a good song and dance across the kitchen floor.



Hands up...who sits down to watch the latest Netflix series – only to find their hands wandering towards their phones for a quick scroll? But that hour or so of complete detachment from the world of media and messaging does the world of good. So, put on a Christmas movie, tuck yourself up on the couch and lock the phone away. Because who doesn’t feel better watching Hugh Grant shimmying his way around 10 Downing Street on a cold, winter eve?



Indulge in a treat which makes you feel good, look good and does good too 

At Phaein, we recognise the transformative power of beautiful, supportive, comfortable underwear. And this Christmas, we’ve gone one step further, creating a stunning Christmas collection which sprinkles a little goodness over the world around us too. Our striking, crimson, limited-edition set is crafted from 100% pre-consumer recycled yarn so not only does it make you look and feel beautiful, but it hugely benefits the environment too.

Women’s health and beauty champion, Liz Earle MBE, recently modelled our Christmas set and shared her inspirational experience with our team. “At the age of 58, I never thought I’d be a lingerie model. But my daughters said, ‘go for it, that’s such an empowering message for mid-life women’ so I hope this shows how to be comfortable in your own skin.”

Take a leaf out of Liz’s book over the festive period and delight in a gift which makes you feel beautiful and confident, both inside and out. And, this Christmas, when love is all around, remember it starts with you. Discover what makes you happy. And find ways to celebrate yourself.

We hope you enjoy a magical festive season with those you love.

Happy Christmas from all the team at Phaein. x



If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health this Christmas, you’ll find support and resources on the mental health charity, Mind’s website. Or for confidential support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, call the Samaritans in the UK on 116 123.