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Use this page to learn how to measure yourself to find your best fit. For a conversion chart please have a look at our chart page.




Find Your Cup Size

What you’ll need: a soft measuring tape or string and ruler.

How to measure your breast

Without wearing a bra measure horizontally across your larger breast (if you have one!). Then do the same vertically. Here are a few of tips to get an even more accurate result:

If you have pendulous breasts, high projection, or breasts that naturally sit below the breast fold, try:

  • Lifting the breast as you’d like it to sit in a bra while you measure, gently pushing it into the body a little (like a bra would)
  • Try lying down to take the measurements

If you have very supported breasts, breasts that don’t project out much, or ‘hidden’ breasts (often with a lot of tissue towards your side) try:

  • Leaning forward 90 degrees so gravity is pulling your breast straight down. Take your measurements like this.

Now use the table below to find your cup size.

Breast measuring chart

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Find Your Underband Size

Underband measuring image

Simply wrap your measuring tape around your torso, right below the breasts, and keep it parallel to the floor. Breath out and pull it as tight as you can. Use the table below to find your size.

Underband measuring chart


Measure around your natural waist and around the fullest part of your bum. Keep the measuring tape loose and parallel to the floor.

Knicker measuring chart

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