We set out right from the start to find reputable fabric mills that produce super soft, skin- and environment- friendly fabrics and elastics. All our materials have Oeko-Tex 100 or equivalent certification and are made in Europe.

We take care when selecting our fabrics, we look for:

  • softness and breathability
  • quality construction and good stretch
  • innovation
  • good environmental and corporate responsibility from the fabric mills
  • short transport routes to reduce our carbon footprint

What we look for in our factory:

  • good environmental and corporate responsibility
  • fair wages, good working conditions and working hours for employees
  • short transport routes
  • highly skilled crafts-people


We source all our fabrics ourselves, and they all come from Europe. At the time of writing we are getting our fabrics from mills in Italy, Germany, and Spain. Our fabrics and trims are all Oeko-Tex 100 approved or have equivalent certifications.

All hard trims like the wires and sliders we use are all nickel free and Oeko-Tex 100 standard. Our sliders are even plated in 18ct gold, which is skin-friendly and more hard-wearing than gold-imitations.


We produce all of our products in the UK, they are all hand-made in a small atelier in London.

We produce small collections in order to minimise the amount of waste we have (left over products and fabrics), and always design collections with the fabrics we have left in mind. Read more about this on our sustainability page.