Size & Fit

Our sizing is made of two numbers i.e. 70.5. The first number (70) equals our band sizes, the second number (5) is the cup size.

To convert your regular bra size to our size, just find your regular bra size on our size chart. Then follow the row all the way to the right to find your cup size (E.g 5). Then take your European underband size and put that before your cup size e.g. 32UK = 70EU, which would give you 70.5

If you are unsure which size you are please follow our measuring instructions below.

To ensure you get the best fit possible please take a minute to read our fit guide. Remember that all brands cut differently, and you may be a different size in different brands.


How to Measure Yourself

Follow the instructions below using a soft measuring tape. All measurements are in centimetres.


Take all measurements without wearing a bra.

The Cups

We have found it more accurate to measure an individual breast rather than the entire circumference around the body and the breasts. Here’s how you do it:

Please use your bigger breast.
Find where your breast joins to the body or where your breast tissue ‘ends’. The best way to do this is to gently push your breast into your body (a bit as though you are wearing a slightly small bra) and finding where the soft tissue ends. This will be towards your armpit, at the centre of your chest, right underneath your breast, and at the top of your chest.

First take the following breast measurements and compare them to our bra size table to find your Phaein cup size. Then follow the underband measuring instructions to find your full bra size:

Horizontal Breast Measurement

Measure horizontally, across the fullest point of your breast.

Make sure you get an accurate measurement by, if necessary, lifting your breast as you would like it to sit in a bra. This is useful if your breasts are very large or naturally sit lower. If this is too difficult you can, alternatively, measure your breast while lying flat on your back, without a bra.

If someone is measuring you, you can lift your arm straight up to get a more accurate result.

Vertical Breast Measurement

Measure vertically, across the fullest point of the breast. Start at the top where your soft tissue begins, across the nipple, to where it joins your ribcage at the bottom. Again lift your breast, if necessary.

It is normal for this measurement to indicate a cup size larger or smaller than your horizontal measurement, because breasts are very malleable and we all have different proportions. If this is the case for you:

My Vertical measurement is smaller than my Horizontal measurement:
We would suggest you choose the size closest to your horizontal measurement, as this is the width your breasts are likely to need to fit into the wires properly. You could also try the smaller size with a tighter (one size down) underband (the tighter underband will pull the wires open more).

My Vertical measurement is larger than my Horizontal measurement: 
We would suggest you try one size up from your horizontal measurement.

The Underband
Measure underneath your breasts, around your ribcage. Breathe out fully and pull the tape as tight as you can. Make sure the tape is right under your breasts, where your underwire should sit.

As we use European band sizes, you can just round your result to the nearest multiple of 5, and that’s your band size! E.g. if you measure at 62.5cm, the closest multiple of 5 is 60 – so your band size would be 60.


Phaein underband size chart


Bra Size Table

Phaein cup size chart


The Waist 

Measure around the narrowest part of your torso, where your ribs end.

The Hip

Measure around the widest part of your hips and over the fullest part of your bum.

Knickers Size Table

If you need any help or advice, please contact us on or dm us on instagram @phaein_official