Our values

We are a small, independent business, run by its female founders. Our products are designed by women, for women and our mission is to encourage every person to feel comfortable in their skin. Part of empowering people is being respectful of the environment. To preserve nature for future generations and enhance wellbeing today is our highest priority.

What makes Phaein sustainable?

  • Local & Ethically Made
  • Slow Fashion, Made to Last
  • Competitively Priced
  • Considered Sourcing & Packaging
  • Clever Design
  • Continually Improving

Local & Ethically Made

At Phaein sustainability starts with empowering the people in your local community. By investing in local industry through sourcing and producing as close to home as possible we can support the local economy and people’s jobs.

International trade is a wonderful thing and has enabled us to live the lives we have today. But it has led us to expect labour and, by extension, products to be unreasonably cheap. That’s why we work with a factory that pays fair wages. Always remember the product you’re buying took someone hours to make and that product must cover part of their salary.

The Factory

We work with an amazing sustainable factory in London, Apparel Tasker, who pride themselves on their craftsmanship and expertise in garment making.

Our proximity to the factory allows us to go and visit often, resulting in a better working relationship, better products, more visibility over the manufacturing process for us, and more trust and higher quality for you. 

They share our values and have strict quality guidelines, refusing to produce any items that won’t stand the test of time. Here are some of their highlights and why we chose to work with them:

  • Higher wages and world-class working conditions, exceeding industry requirements.
  • Zero-waste approach to garment production. They seek to eliminate waste along the entire chain of sampling and production. For example, 100% of unusable textile off-cuts are recycled into new materials such as insulation, sports equipment filler and carpet underlay.
  • Apparel Tasker uses biodegradable product bags as standard and have worked with us to pack as many items into each bag as is reasonable. Usually, products are delivered individually wrapped in standard plastic bags- imagine the waste! (If you’re wondering what we do with these bags: we re-use them until they fall apart and then they get put in the compost bin).
  • They only collaborate with suppliers that operate ethically.
  • They use local suppliers as much as possible.
  • Energy saving initiatives: Servo motors on all equipment (80-90% saving to traditional clutch motor), and energy saving LED lighting in all factory divisions (70-80% energy saving to traditional lighting).
  • To reduce their carbon footprint, they exclusively use DHL’s ‘Go-Green service’. This and their proximity to us helps us keep our carbon footprint down too, as samples do travel back and forth quite few times during the development stage.

Slow Fashion, Made to Last

Fast fashion mass-produces inexpensive clothes designed to be worn for one season only, in both quality and style, which produces huge quantities of garment waste (unsold and post-consumer). The only way to combat this is to fundamentally change our approach to clothing. We need pieces we will love and be able to wear for a long time, which is exactly what we aim to do! We have even launched a lifetime guarantee and a paid repair service, so you can get just a little more out of your favourite bra while reducing waste at the same time.

The nature of lingerie means it doesn’t have the longest lifespan, because it works so hard, but also because our bodies change and we may no longer be able to wear certain items. We now offer a recycling service for your old Phaein lingerie, so you no longer have to feel bad when the time comes to replace your underwear.

Competitively Priced

You may think our lingerie is expensive, but if you think about the fact that someone living in London made that garment, and it took them a few hours, what would you be willing to pay to ensure they receive the fair salary they deserve?

In fact, we are able to keep our prices down by selling directly to customers. Our products would be about twice as expensive if we sold through retailers (who apply a mark-up). By selling directly to you via our website we can cut down costs and mark-ups and offer you locally made, premium lingerie, at a fraction of the usual retail price.

Considered Sourcing & Packaging

We did our utmost to source the types of fabrics and trims we needed within the UK and sadly could not find any. Currently all our fabrics and elastics come from France, Germany, Italy and Spain. It was a conscious decision to select suppliers only from countries close to us (to reduce our carbon footprint) and with robust environmental, welfare, and safety laws. If you want to know more have a look at our fabrics page.

We’ve taken great care in using only easily recyclable or bio-degradable packaging materials.

On the product

  • Woven brand logos – Made from recycled thread
  • Product tags & comp slips – Environmentally friendly straw paper and ink
  • String for product tag – Biodegradable (even the small plastic attachment is 100% biodegradable)

Mailing – When we send products to you

  • Post bags – FSC® certified paper. Easily recyclable.
  • Recycled tissue paper – recyclable and biodegradable
  • Gift box – recycled greyboard & FSC certified paper. Easily recyclable except for the magnet closure

Clever Design

By carefully considering designs, colours, and collections we can minimise fabric waste left after production (you can rarely order the exact amount of fabric you need for a collection). Since we don’t believe in waste and love being colourful, you’ll see us using different colour combinations through our collections, for example, using different coloured straps, elastics, or underwire casing, as well as repeated use of the same fabric on different products.

We invest a lot of time into calculating how much fabric we need and will have left over. We are always considering future collections so we can use up all the fabrics and trims we have left from previous collections. And because we work with a smaller factory we can place small orders allowing us to make optimal use of all our materials.

Continually Improving

We’re not perfect but we hope one day we might be! At Phaein we have lots of plans to continually reduce our impact on the environment, improve our use of resources, and reduce waste.

Our biggest project is to continue sourcing more and more environmentally friendly fabrics and trims and build a transparent and sustainable supply chain, from the origin to the finished product.